Rivalless Group

Rivalless Group got its start in 2012 when Rob Gryder introduced the world to Rivalless Guacamole.

To this day, Rob maintains a strong love and devotion to Guacamole, having started Guacaphile.com, a website dedicated to the celebration of Guacamole.

One day, Rob had a silly idea that he couldn’t shake. He ended up buying OafHuck.com. He got to work building a web site, and found a talented artist to make the character Oaf Huck.

As he was registering OafHuck.com, GoDaddy recommended that Rob also add OafHuck.me, and OafHuck.us (forwards to the shop).

Owning OafHuck.me got Rob thinking about selling T-Shirts with Oaf Huck on them, and so an online T-shirt shop was started.